"Rush Limbaugh Goes the Extra Mile in Rant About New York Times Reporter"

"US radio host Rush Limbaugh's main reason for existence is to go too far -- and then drag mainstream conservative discourse out there with him.

But even by Limbaugh's standards -- and remember this is a man who has over the years referred to Greenpeace and Sierra Club as 'econazis' and 'environmentalist wackos' -- he seems to have gone the extra mile in calling the New York Times environmental reporter, Andy Revkin, a jihadi and a terrorist and telling him to kill himself.

As Revkin's colleague, Paul Krugman, says on his blog: 'Always good to know what we're dealing with.'"

Suzanne Goldenberg writes the Environment Blog for the UK Guardian October 21, 2009.

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Source: Guardian, 10/21/2009