"Salmon Spawning Again In CT: An Ecological Cautionary Tale"

"Efforts to restore Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River watershed have been largely unsuccessful. The once abundant fish are now rare. But recently Steve Gephard, supervising fisheries biologist with Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Projection, found evidence of wild salmon spawning in a Connecticut river.

The news is a reminder of the hardiness of the species, but also of what we’ve lost.

Gephard can point to a shallow part of the  Farmington River where there is an oval depression in the riverbed that is about the size of a coffee table -- an Atlantic salmon nest. A female had used her tail to dig the depression to deposit eggs and then swept gravel over them as protection."

Alison Freeland reports for WSHU March 23, 2016.

Source: WSHU, 03/25/2016