"San Benito County's New Idria Mercury Mine Now a Superfund Site"

"Every second of every day it flows: a river of poison gushing from the hillsides."

"Forty gallons a minute, 21 million gallons a year. It bubbles and gurgles across the landscape, a bright orange toxic brew, nearly as corrosive as battery acid, teeming with mercury, aluminum, iron and nickel, the legacy of a long-abandoned mine, relentlessly pouring into nearby streams.

For 120 years, the mining town of New Idria in the rugged back country of southern San Benito County was a colorful California outpost, a Wild West community frequented by prospectors and speculators, stagecoaches and famous bandits like Joaquin Murrieta, known as the "Mexican Robin Hood.'' Herbert Hoover even owned part of the claim at one point."

Paul Rogers reports for the Santa Cruz Sentinel December 4, 2011.


Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/05/2011