"SBA Office Worked To Block Federal Regulations on Businesses"

"An independent office within the Small Business Administration has worked to block health, safety and environmental regulations on behalf of small and large businesses without appropriate technical expertise, two new studies have charged."

"Scholars at the nonprofit Center for Progressive Reform in a report released Tuesday argued that the SBA unit set up in 1976 to go to bat for small business owners was a 'small and largely unaccountable office' that quietly became 'a highly influential player in the federal regulatory system, combatting protections developed by other federal agencies.'

The SBA's Office of Advocacy 'has lost its way," said report co-author Sidney Shapiro, University Distinguished Chair in Law at Wake Forest University School of Law. "Instead of focusing like a laser on advancing the unique interests of small business, it's spending too much of its time, and too many taxpayer dollars, acting as a federal outpost for big business and its anti-regulatory agenda.'"

Charles S. Clark reports for Government Executive January 29, 2013.


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Source: Government Executive, 01/30/2013