"Scientists: Asian Carp Breeding In Great Lake Tributaries"

"Scientists have confirmed for the first time that at least one variety of Asian carp is living and breeding in the Great Lakes watershed, where it threatens stocks of native fish."

"A U.S. Geological Survey and Bowling Green State University study published Monday says Asian carp taken from the Sandusky River in Ohio show the fish are 'the result of natural reproduction within the Lake Erie basin.'

'It's bad news,' USGS Duane Chapman told The Associated Press. 'It would have been a lot easier to control these fish if they'd been limited in the number of places where they could spawn. This makes our job harder. It doesn't make it impossible, but it makes it harder.'"

Scott Neuman reports for NPR's The Two-Way blog October 28, 2013.

Source: NPR, 10/30/2013