"Scientists Find Deepest-Ever Fish, 5 Miles Beneath Ocean's Surface"

"“Historically we tell ourselves that the deep sea doesn’t matter," the chief scientist on the project said. "But it’s not just this other dimension.”"

"There are more than 300 known species of the tadpole-like creatures found around the world, but this one was special. Five miles beneath the ocean’s surface — about the height of Mount Everest with a bit of the top cut off — this snailfish was thriving.

Researchers said this week the footage shows the deepest fish ever seen on camera, 8,336 meters, or more than 27,000 feet, below the waves. The video was captured during a two-month expedition studying deep trenches around Japan last August, as part of a broader, decadelong project to study the planet’s deepest fish populations.

Baited cameras were placed on unmanned submersibles, attracting the snailfish and adding new understanding to how creatures survive in the planet’s most inhospitable zones. At those depths, no light penetrates the waters and any food has made the long float down from the upper reaches of the sea. The pressure is more than 800 times that at sea level."

Nick Visser reports for HuffPost April 6, 2023.

Source: HuffPost, 04/07/2023