Senate Dems May Delay Climate Legislation Until 2010

"Democratic leaders in the Senate said last night they may wait until next year to take up climate change legislation, jeopardising the prospect of reaching a deal to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of global warming.

The delay would prevent Barack Obama from delivering on his promise of demonstrating firm US commitment on climate change action in advance of negotiations at Copenhagen next December.

The setback arrives at a critical moment in the home stretch of the negotiations, with UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, telling the Guardian that world leaders needed to show stronger leadership if they want to reach a deal at Copenhagen.

In a briefing with reporters, the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, said Democrats wanted to push ahead on healthcare reform this year before taking up climate change."

Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the UK Guardian September 16, 2009.

Source: Guardian, 09/16/2009