Some Ky. Residents Found With High Arsenic Levels, Screenings Show

"Medical screenings have found high arsenic levels in at least two of the more than 50 residents tested near Louisville’s contaminated Black Leaf industrial site, the scene of Kentucky’s largest residential environmental cleanup ever."

"They are Marvin Hayes and his wife, Kim, who have lived in their St. Louis Street home next to the former pesticide plant property since 1982, where they have grown sweet corn and other crops along a fence that abuts the polluted property.

U of L told Hayes in a letter that arsenic levels in his urine last August “were found to be high. It is important you limit any ongoing arsenic exposures so that your body may eliminate the arsenic,” wrote Dr. Matthew C. Cave, associate professor of the U of L School of Medicine."

James Bruggers reports for the Louisville Courier-Journal January 9, 2014.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 01/10/2014