"SPIN METER: GOP Debates Nonexistent Dust Rule"

"WASHINGTON — The issue may be dust in the wind, but Republicans are still moving to block it. Environmental Protection Agency officials have said — over and over again — that they won't propose new regulations to limit dust kicked up by farm equipment. But anti-regulation sentiment is strong this year on the campaign trail, and real or not, House Republicans are planning to vote this week to prevent such regulations."

"Republicans and even some Democrats have told farm-state audiences that the EPA is considering a crackdown on farms, despite the agency's public statement in October calling that a 'myth.'

Supporters say they are pushing the bill this week because they want more certainty for the agriculture industry. The House GOP has pushed a host of measures aimed at weakening, delaying or scrapping environmental regulations in recent months, saying they view them as job killers."

Mary Clare Jalonick reports for the Associated Press December 6, 2011.


Source: AP, 12/07/2011