Stricken Shell Oil Rig Towed Away After Being Successfully Refloated

"Tug boats tow 28-tonne Kulluk to nearby Kiliuda Bay where the damage can be assessed after grounding on Alaskan coast."

"The stricken Shell oil vessel that ran aground near an uninhabited Alaskan island on new year's eve has been refloated and is being towed to a sheltered cove where the damage can be assessed.

The 28,000-tonne Kulluk now appears to be heading at 3.5km an hour on its way to Kiliuda Bay, about 40 miles from where it ran aground on Sitkalidak Island, according to the website It is understood that is being towed at night by the Seattle-based tug Aiviq, with seven other ships in attendance.

The Kulluk is reportedly carrying more than 140,000 gallons (530,000 litres) of diesel. The Arctic-class vessel, which has no engines of its own, broke its heavy towing lines in storm-force winds on its way for maintenance in Seattle."

John Vidal reports for the Guardian January 7, 2013.


"Troubled Oil Rig in Alaska Reaches Safer Waters" (New York Times)

Source: Guardian, 01/08/2013