Study Suggests Rising Levels of Plastics in Oceans

"Some eight million metric tons of plastic waste makes its way into the world’s oceans each year, and the amount of the debris is likely to increase greatly over the next decade unless nations take strong measures to dispose of their trash responsibly, new research suggests.

The report, which appeared in the journal Science on Thursday, is the most ambitious effort yet to estimate how much plastic debris ends up in the sea.

Jenna Jambeck, an assistant professor of environmental engineering at the University of Georgia and lead author of the study, said the amount of plastic that entered the oceans in the year measured, 2010, might be as little as 4.8 million metric tons or as much as 12.7 million."

John Schwartz reports for the New York Times February 12, 2015.


"World's Oceans Clogged By Millions of Tons of Plastic Trash" (Reuters)

Source: NY Times, 02/13/2015