"Sunscreen Chemicals Pose Threat To Horseshoe Crabs"

"Scientists say the sunscreen we slather on when we head to the beach may be deadly for horseshoe crabs.

At a March 13 symposium on emerging contaminants – substances not yet regulated that have adverse effects on human health or the environment – University of Delaware assistant professor and researcher Danielle Dixson highlighted a study that found horseshoe crab eggs and larvae underdevelop or die when exposed to sunscreen-polluted water.

“The Delaware tourism and beach season coincides with the horseshoe crabs,” Dixson said. “Their mass spawning event and their eggs are laid pretty shallow in the sand, right where tourists are enjoying the sun and putting their sunscreen on.”"

Maddy Lauria reports for the Cape Gazette April 6, 2017.

Source: Cape Gazette, 04/07/2017