"In Sweltering South, Climate Change Is Now a Workplace Hazard"

"Workers laboring outdoors in southern states are wrestling with the personal and political consequences of a worsening environment."

"GALVESTON, Tex. — Adolfo Guerra, a landscaper in this port city on the Gulf of Mexico, remembers panicking as his co-worker vomited and convulsed after hours of mowing lawns in stifling heat. Other workers rushed to cover him with ice, and the man recovered.

But for Mr. Guerra, 24, who spends nine hours a day six days a week doing yard work, the episode was a reminder of the dangers that exist for outdoor workers as the planet warms.

'I think about the climate every day,' Mr. Guerra said, 'because every day we work, and every day it feels like it’s getting hotter.'"

Yamiche Alcindor reports for the New York Times August 3, 2017.

Source: NY Times, 08/04/2017