Tensions Over New Brunswick Fracking Protests Involve News Media

"A handful of protesters, angered by what they called biased reporting of the anti-fracking movement, asked media outlets to leave the scene at Rexton, N.B., Saturday morning."

"During the ongoing demonstration in Rexton, some of the protesters told a CTV News crew to leave their satellite truck behind, at around 11 a.m.

CTV Atlantic reporter David Bell, along with other reporters, was filming in a warehouse parking lot before being approached by protesters.

 Vehicles belonging to CTV News and Global News were left behind. The CTV News truck was later driven out of the area and returned to the crew. Global News reporters were also able to retrieve their vehicle in the afternoon.

The Assembly of First Nations Chiefs in New Brunswick issued a statement Saturday 'condemning the acts of intimidation against representatives of the media.'"

CTV News staff had the story October 19, 2013.

Source: CTV News, 10/21/2013