"Tesla vs. New York Times: How Well Do Electric Cars Stand Up To Cold?"

"Tesla Motors and The New York Times are at odds over one reporter's account of an ill-fated winter test drive of the Model S electric car. Many blame winter, but Tesla Motors blames gross inaccuracies in the Times report."

"Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has gone on the offensive after an unflattering portrayal of the Tesla Motors Model S electric car appeared in The New York Times last week.

In a lengthy post on the Tesla Motors blog Wednesday, Mr. Musk published data collected from the vehicle used in the review, demonstrating what he says are gross inaccuracies in the Times's highly critical story.

Behind the back-and-forth is a debate over the impact of cold weather on the distance a Tesla can drive on a single charge – a sensitive subject for electric carmakers eager to ease a sense of "range anxiety" among consumers."

David J. Unger reports for the Christian Science Monitor February 14, 2013.


"That Tesla Data: What It Says and What It Doesn’t" (New York Times)

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 02/15/2013