"Tight Credit Markets Becalm Minnesota Wind Industry"

"To get the wind to blow over a tranquil sea, sailors in the Royal Navy used to whistle, drive a clasp knife into the mainmast, or scratch a backstay. The wind industry in Minnesota, which faces greater challenges than a calm day, may need to look into one of the old superstitions for help.

The immediate problem in Minnesota, as elsewhere, is not variable access, old transmission systems or storage capacity -- all hardy perennials. It is a clogged-up capital market that has frustrated developers of the renewable resource.

Take the case of National Wind. The Minnesota-based company, which has its own market niche, has an intriguing business-model mix of local partnerships, supply, demand and government support. But the model takes money, and not a little."

Mark Neuzil reports for MinnPost.com May 28, 2009.

Source: MinnPost.com, 06/02/2009