"Tilikum, The Infamous Orca That Killed A Seaworld Trainer, Is Dead"

"Tilikum, the most famous killer whale in the United States, died Friday after a year-long illness and quarter century of performances streaked with violence.

The many-tonned orca — believed to be 36 years old and linked to the deaths of three people in that time — likely succumbed to a lung infection early in the morning, according to a statement released by SeaWorld.

The whale died at the Orlando marine park where he spent most of his life, “surrounded by the trainers, care staff and veterinarians that provided him around-the-clock world-class care,” the statement reads."

Avi Selk and Lindsey Bever report for the Washington Post January 6, 2017.

Source: Wash Post, 01/09/2017