"Tobacco Firms 'Misled' Public About Additives"

"The tobacco industry is accused today of misleading smokers over the safety of additives in cigarettes."

"Based on a new analysis of data used by the US cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris a decade ago, which found the additives were safe, University of California researchers claim the firm's research 'obscured findings of toxicity'.

The original study by Philip Morris, called Project Mix, resulted in the publication of four papers in a scientific journal that concluded there was 'no evidence of substantial toxicity' associated with the additives studied.

More than 300 additives are used in the manufacture of cigarettes to enhance their taste and make smoking smoother and more enjoyable.

The new study, by the Centre for Tobacco Control Research at the University of California, was based on the same data extracted from among 60 million documents released after litigation."

Jeremy Laurance reports for the Independent December 21, 2011.


Source: Independent, 12/21/2011