"Tribe Opposes Alaska’s 20-Mile Road Expansion"

"Those for and against Totchaket Road project say public engagement process has been faulty"

"Some Nenana-area residents and tribal citizens say a state road project outside Nenana should be paused after what they describe as a failure by the state to adequately engage the public. The state wants to build 20 miles of new road to open access to agricultural opportunities and improve food security. But tribal members say expanding Totchaket Road will go through ancestral land and further exhaust subsistence opportunities.

Eva Burk said the state has already formulated the majority of the plan for the road “without us, so it feels like we’re getting railroaded.” Burk is the vice chair of the Toghotthele Corporation, the village Native corporation for Nenana.

And Caroline Ketzler, Nenana Native Council’s first chief, said the tribe has had little input into the project and the process has been rushed. The council opposes the new road development, Ketzler said."

Lisa Phu reports for the Alaska Beacon September 27, 2022.

Source: Alaska Beacon, 09/28/2022