Trump Gas Wells Could Block 6,000 Year-Old Pronghorn Migration Route

"Conservation groups are fighting the creation of 3,500 gas wells in Wyoming that threaten a 170-mile path"

"The Path of the Pronghorn is a 170-mile migration route that the antelope-like creatures have traveled annually for 6,000 years. It is one of North America’s last remaining long-distance terrestrial migration corridors.

And it is at risk. This week conservation groups filed a legal petition challenging the Trump administration’s plan to allow 3,500 new gas wells in south-western Wyoming that would block the route.

The petition alleges that the government approved the wells without properly analyzing the potential harm to pronghorn and the greater sage grouse, a chicken-like bird that requires vast, intact landscapes for habitat, from well pads, roads, pipelines and other infrastructure. The vast frack-field expansion would prevent access to winter ranges that pronghorn need to survive."

Cassidy Randall reports for the Guardian February 24, 2020.

Source: Guardian, 02/24/2020