"Trump's U.S. EPA Chief Claims Climate-Change Fight Hurts The Poor"

"WASHINGTON - The head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday accused Democrats of hurting the poor with policies aimed at fighting climate change, and said the agency would keep supporting development and deregulation if President Donald Trump is re-elected.

The speech, on the EPA’s 50th anniversary, laid out agency priorities if Trump wins a second term in office. It reflected the gaping ideological divide between Democrats and the administration, which has loosened regulations for pollution and vehicle fuel efficiency and promoted oil and gas drilling.

“Some members of former administrations and progressives in Congress have elevated single issue advocacy – in many cases focused just on climate change ... over the interests of communities within their own country,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a speech that was streamed live on YouTube."

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters September 3, 2020.


"EPA Chief Criticizes Democratic Governors, Vows To Concentrate On Cleaning Up Vulnerable Communities In A Second Trump Term" (Washington Post)

Source: Reuters, 09/04/2020