"Two Dead, 30 Injured, Dozens Missing After Dam Bursts in Brazil"

"MARIANA, Brazil -- Casualties from a collapsed dam at a Brazilian mine owned by Vale and BHP Billiton mounted on Friday after rescue teams worked through the night to find the dozens missing in mudslides that devastated a nearby village.

A spokesman for firefighters in the rescue confirmed 30 injuries and at least two deaths, but said the count was likely to rise as the search advanced slowly after mudslides knocked out roads and cellular towers.

"In reality there are a lot more, but we can't confirm any more than that. We don't even know that we'll find everybody," said firefighter Adão Severino Junior in Mariana. He said the local hospital was "saturated" and victims arriving by helicopter were being sent to nearby Ouro Preto."

Ricardo Moraes and Brad Haynes report for Reuters November 6, 2015.


"Authorities Assess Toll of Burst Dam in Brazil" (New York Times)

Source: Reuters, 11/06/2015