Two Experts Resign To Protest The EPA Science Committee Dismissals

"In an expanding controversy over the role of science in the Trump administration, two expert advisers to the Environmental Protection Agency resigned Friday in protest at the dismissal of half of the members of a key science committee.

Carlos Martín, an engineer with the Urban Institute, and Peter Meyer, an economist with the E.P. Systems Group, an environmental and economic research firm, posted a joint resignation letter on Twitter, saying they were standing down to protest the agency’s decision to remove the scientists.

“We cannot in good conscience be complicit in our co-chairs’ removal, or in the watering down of credible science, engineering, and methodological rigor that is at the heart of that decision,” they wrote."

Chris Mooney reports for the Washington Post May 12, 2017.


"EPA: Members of Science Subcommittee Resign in Protest" (Greenwire)

Source: Washington Post, 05/15/2017