"UC Davis Study Links Chemical BPA To Asthma"

"A study on the fetuses of pregnant rhesus macaque monkeys has shown that exposure to the chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, led to changes in their lungs that increased the potential for developing asthma."

"The study, conducted at the National Primate Research Center at UC Davis, is part of a larger study designed to look at how BPA affects the endocrine system of macaques.

The results of the lung research – considered the first of its kind – adds another layer to the ongoing debate on the effects of BPA, which is found in many products, including on the inside of cans, in plastic bottles, on cash register receipts, and in older plastic baby bottles.    

The chemical has been widely studied. Many studies have found a link between BPA and effects on hormonal systems and fetal development."

Edward Ortiz reports for the Sacramento Bee August 19, 2013.


"BPA, Phthalates Tied To Kids' Weight, Diabetes Risk" (Reuters)

Source: Sacramento Bee, 08/19/2013