"UN Climate Talks Sputter On Carbon Market Disputes"

"Connecting the world’s new carbon emissions trading schemes remains a priority for countries struggling to meet their Paris Agreement targets."

"MADRID — U.N. climate change talks enter the final week here on Monday as senior national officials arrive to try to hammer out rules to link the nascent carbon markets that are deemed critical to reaching the targets under the Paris Agreement.

So far, a deal to craft an international trading market to help reduce the carbon pollution driving up temperatures has proven elusive to the legions of largely technical experts gathered at the COP25 conference in the Spanish capital since last week.

Negotiators acknowledged that translating world leaders' lofty promises to protect the climate into an actionable set of rules by the end of the conference on Friday will be a daunting task."

Zack Colman and Kalina Oroschakoff report for Politico December 9, 2019.   

Source: Politico, 12/10/2019