"United States To Help China Crack Down on Vehicle Emissions"

"The United States will help China implement stricter emission standards for vehicles in a bid to help the world's biggest carbon emitter tackle rampant air pollution, the White House announced on Thursday."

"The announcement was one of several made at the conclusion of Vice President Joe Biden's visit to China on Thursday, where he met with President Xi Jinping and other senior Chinese officials to discuss ways to strengthen economic ties between the countries in addition to the escalating geopolitical tensions in the East China Sea.

Under the new agreement, the United States pledged to give China technical assistance to implement a new round of vehicle emissions standards, known as China VI, which would require cars to have filters that capture particulate matter that contributes to heavy smog.

"These standards, when implemented, will have significant air quality and climate benefits and reduce vehicle fuel use," according to a White House fact sheet."

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters December 6, 2013.


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Source: Reuters, 12/06/2013