"University Will Not Investigate Fracking Institute"

"The State University of New York at Buffalo has rebuffed calls for an investigation of the work of a new institute it founded that is devoted to the study of shale gas drilling, saying it is defending the freedom of faculty members to conduct research."

"The university's Shale Resources and Society Institute came under fire last month after it released a study asserting that state regulation in Pennsylvania had made hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the Marcellus Shale considerably safer.

A government watchdog group quickly raised questions about the study's data and the authors' ties to the oil and gas industry, and a group of professors and students called for a broader inquiry into the genesis of the institute, which issued the report only weeks after its creation in April."

Mireya Navarro reports for the New York Times' Green blog June 29, 2012.

Source: Green/NYT, 07/02/2012