"Unlocking the Conspiracy Mind-Set"

New social science research says that climate change deniers are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories. Climate change deniers say the study is evidence of a conspiracy.

"When I first met the NASA climate researcher Gavin Schmidt a few years ago, we discussed the proliferation of material on the Internet attacking mainstream climate science. I asked him whether he thought climate contrarians were flirting with conspiracy theory in their views.

'Flirting?' he said. 'No. They’ve already had conspiracy theory out on a hot date, and now it’s the morning after and they’re sitting up in bed, having coffee.'

I happened to recall that conversation the other day as I read the latest chapter of a remarkable back-and-forth between mainstream researchers and climate contrarians."

Justin Gillis writes for the New York Times' Green blog February 21, 2013.


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Source: Green/NYT, 02/22/2013