"US Intelligence Teams To Track Wildlife Poachers in Africa and Asia"

"America's intelligence community was ordered to track poachers in Africa and Asia on Thursday as part of a new global drive against the illegal trade in elephant tusks and rhino horn."

"Conservationists said it was the first time trafficking in wildlife, an underground trade in animal parts thought to generate $15bn a year for sophisticated smuggling networks, was elevated to the status of a security threat, rather than sidelined as primarily an environmental concern.

In a further sign of US commitment, Hillary Clinton said she and Barack Obama planned to talk about trafficking of endangered animals at the Association of South-East Asian Nations (Asean) summit in Phnom Penh next week."
Suzanne Goldenberg reports for the Guardian November 8, 2012.   


"Clinton Seeks Intelligence Help in War on Wildlife Traffickers" (Dot Earth/NYT)

Source: Guardian, 11/09/2012