"US Nuclear Watchdog Questions Oversight of Safety Enforcement"

"The federal government's nuclear watchdog has faulted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for failing to follow through on safety agreements with nuclear facilities, saying its system for tracking corrective action raises questions about its oversight of nuclear safety and security."

"After an eight-month audit, the NRC's Office of Inspector General concluded last week that the commission has no centralized way to oversee or follow up on documents confirming that a nuclear facility has committed itself to address 'significant concerns regarding health and safety, the environment, safeguards or security.'

The documents — known as Confirmatory Action Letters, or CALs — are one of the last measures before the NRC cracks down with a stringent binding order like suspension or revocation of a nuclear plant's license."

M. Alex Johnson reports for MSNBC February 13, 2012.


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Source: MSNBC, 02/16/2012