"US Opens First Bid for Offshore Wind Energy"

"America's first offshore wind lease sale will take place in July, the Interior Department announced Tuesday. It's good news for the US wind industry, which is hoping to expand beyond land-based production."

"On Tuesday the Interior Department unveiled plans for the nation's first auction of offshore wind leases. It's more good news for the US wind industry, which installed a record amount of capacity in 2012, and received a one-year extension on the federal tax credits driving much of the industry's growth.

The opening of federal waters to competitively bid wind projects is an important step in diversifying the industry beyond onshore projects. Offshore production is particularly attractive because winds tend to blow harder and more consistently off the coasts. Offshore turbines also tend to be closer to cities and other high-demand areas, which cuts down on transmission costs"

David J. Unger reports for the Christian Science Monitor June 4, 2013.


"U.S. to Lease Federal Waters for Commercial Offshore Wind Energy" (New York Times)

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 06/05/2013