"U.S. Poised to Approve Drilling Plan"

"U.S. officials are expected Tuesday to approve a plan by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. to drill 3,700 natural-gas wells in eastern Utah, capping a yearslong review of a project that will be one of the largest in the region."

"Approval for the Greater Natural Buttes project in the Uintah Basin, to be announced by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, comes as the Obama administration is supporting natural-gas production as a way to create jobs with a cleaner-burning fuel than coal or oil."

Tennille Tracy and Jim Carlton report for the Wall St. Journal May 7, 2012. [Note: you can get an "article free pass" to this subscriber content by entering the headline into the Google search field and clicking on the resulting links.]

Source: Wall St. Journal, 05/08/2012