"US Tightens Limits on Logging in Sequoia Monument"

"A new management plan for the Giant Sequoia National Monument further limits logging in and near groves of the world's largest trees, but would still allow it in nearly a quarter of the monument."

"The plan, released Tuesday by the U.S. Forest Service, is the agency's latest attempt at devising a blueprint for managing the 328,000-acre monument, which President Bill Clinton created in 2000 to protect 34 groves of giant sequoias scattered on the slopes of the southern Sierra Nevada in the Sequoia National Forest.

Although the monument designation bans commercial logging, that didn't stop the Forest Service from issuing a plan in 2004 that would have allowed enough timber cutting in the monument to fill more than 2,000 logging trucks a year - all in the name of reducing the risk of wildfire."

Bettina Boxall reports for the Los Angeles Times September 4, 2012.

Source: McClatchy, 09/05/2012