"U.S. Weighs Grades For Car Fuel Economy"

"A big change may be coming to those mileage stickers you find on new cars.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency are considering two options: One looks similar to the current sticker. The other would prominently display a letter grade. Cars with higher fuel economy and very low tailpipe emissions would get an A while less-efficient cars could get a D.

For car manufacturer here's the good news: All vehicles will be graded on a curve and no one gets an F.

"There's no F because every one of the models has to pass requirements under the Clean Air Act, so all of them are certainly suitable for sale," EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy said.

Electric vehicles would get an A+; the Toyota Camry a B or B-, depending on the engine. Many sports cars would be in the D range."

Jeff Brady reports for NPR's Morning Edition August 31, 2010.


"New Fuel Economy Label Designs Include Electric Vehicles" (ENS)

Source: NPR, 08/31/2010