US Wind-Turbine Makers File Complaint Over China’s Steel Subsidies

"WASHINGTON -- Four domestic companies that make most of the steel towers for wind turbines in the United States filed a trade complaint against China and Vietnam on Thursday, seeking tariffs in the range of 60 percent. The action is a significant new skirmish in an emerging green energy trade war.

The allegations are much like the ones that solar panel manufacturers made in a similar case filed against Chinese manufacturers in October, namely that government subsidies were allowing foreign manufacturers to sell below cost in the United States, damaging the domestic industry. The filing is likely to increase the already escalating trade frictions between the United States and China."

Matthew L. Wald and Keith Bradsher report for the New York Times December 29, 2011


"U.S. Delays Decision In China Solar Case Until Feb" (Reuters)

Source: NY Times, 12/30/2011