"Vermont Group Catalogs Hazardous Waste Sites"

"MONTPELIER -- Vermont's scenic vistas and unspoiled natural assets get lots of attention. But there's also plenty of hazardous waste and pollution, according to a nonprofit group that released a town-by-town listing of the state's toxic threats Monday.

"Toxics in Vermont: A Town-by-Town Profile," issued by the Toxics Action Center in Montpelier and available online, says the state's 1,421 hazardous waste sites, 477 hazardous waste generators and 215 illegally operating salvage yards are only some of the polluters.

The list, developed using government data, gives town-by-town breakdowns of air pollution point sources, electricity generators, hazardous waste generators, hazardous waste sites, EPA Superfund sites, active and inactive landfills, facilities that discharge contaminants into waterways, underground storage tanks and salvage yards."

John Curran reports for the Associated Press January 17, 2011.

Source: AP, 01/18/2011