"Victims of Toxic Chemicals Fight for Benefits From VA"

"Veterans who were exposed to toxic contaminants during their service are increasingly becoming casualties in a war with the government -- particularly the Veterans Affairs Department—which they say has a record of delaying and denying benefits promised to them by acts of Congress.

The list of victims is growing, especially among former Marines who spent time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina when the drinking water was tainted with carcinogens for decades from hazardous-waste dumping at one of the largest military bases in the country.

At least two men who were assigned to Camp Lejeune when the water was contaminated died in the past year from breast cancer, which is extremely rare in males; another is dying of lung cancer his doctor says was caused by the base's poisoned water; and another says he cannot afford treatment for liver cancer he believes stems from chemical exposure at Camp Lejeune."

Mike Magner reports for the National Journal November 2, 2014.

Source: National Journal, 11/03/2014