Virginia Adopts Nation’s First Coronavirus Workplace Safety Rules

"Companies could face steep fines if they do not follow new state rules meant to prevent the spread of the virus".

"The state of Virginia adopted the first set of coronavirus-related workplace safety mandates in the country, after a board approved the emergency regulation Wednesday — a move the state took after months of inaction from a federal agency tasked with nationwide enforcement.

The state’s safety and health codes board voted 9-2 to adopt what is called an “emergency temporary standard,” which will require businesses to implement safety measures to protect people from being infected with the coronavirus at work. Companies could face financial penalties of up to $130,000 if they are found to have violated the policies.

The policies prohibit workers suspected of having the coronavirus from showing up to work, require companies to notify workers of possible exposure to infected co-workers within 24 hours, and include mandates about physical distancing, protective gear, sanitation, disinfecting and hand-washing."

Eli Rosenberg reports for the Washington Post July 15, 2020.

Source: Washington Post, 07/16/2020