"Walls or Wetlands? How Southeast Cities Are Grappling With Rising Seas"

"Climate change is already leaving Southeast cities swamped. Experts from the Southern Environmental Law Center explain how communities are planning for a wetter future."

"Sea levels are rising around the world — but not evenly.

One area already getting swamped is the Southeast United States, where sinking land, rising seas, and a slowing Gulf Stream are causing waves to lap at city streets even on sunny days.

Climate change is also bringing another wet threat: supercharged storms carrying more moisture, leaving low-lying coastal areas awash.

As city leaders figure out how to meet these challenges, they have to weigh decisions about whether to build sea walls or improve wetland habitat. Or a combination of so-called “gray” and “green” infrastructure."

Tara Lohan reports for the Revelator August 17, 2020.

Source: The Revelator, 08/18/2020