"Warmest March On Record Across Half The U.S., Expert Says"

"Last month was the warmest March on record across half of the United States with summer-like temperatures providing some welcome news to the country's farmers and clothing retailers, a weather expert said."

"Forecasters predicted April could be another warmer-than-normal month, though they said temperatures were likely to fluctuate in a more seasonal pattern in the first half of the month and that fewer records would be shattered.

Accuweather.com said cities in more than 25 states, as well Washington, D.C., broke records for average daily temperatures last month, including Chicago, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Detroit.

New York City and Philadelphia both came within 0.4 degrees of beating existing records for average temperatures in March."

James B. Kelleher reports for Reuters April 4, 2012.


"Feds: 'Meteorological March Madness' Mostly Random" (AP)

Source: Reuters, 04/04/2012