"Washington State Begins Killing Wolf Pack For Preying On Livestock"

"Wildlife agents authorized to eradicate a group of 11 wolves for repeated attacks on cattle in Washington state have hunted down and killed six animals from the condemned pack and are searching for the rest, a state game official said on Monday.

State biologists fatally shot two members of the so-called Profanity Peak wolf pack from a helicopter on Aug. 5 after confirming five fatal wolf attacks on livestock in that area. Further lethal-control efforts were later called off.

But eradication orders were renewed, and expanded to the entire pack, on Aug. 19 when the state Fish and Wildlife Department determined the same group of wolves was behind additional attacks that left two calves dead and a third injured."

Steve Gorman reports for Reuters August 29, 2016.


"Can Washington State's Wolves And Ranchers Find A Way To Coexist?" (Christian Science Monitor)

Source: Reuters, 08/30/2016