"Water Near Lac-Mégantic Tainted, Groups War"

"MONTREAL — Parts of the Chaudière River remain contaminated despite weeks of cleanup operations and the removal of nearly 43 million litres of oily water from the river."

"But Quebec Environment Minister Yves-François Blanchet said there is no threat to people living in Lac-Mègantic or along the river. Drinking water supplies are safe and there is little danger posed to flora and fauna, he said.

More than 40 kilometres of river shoreline have been cleaned so far in areas of medium to high contamination, Blanchet said in a statement issued late Wednesday. While the results are "encouraging" and show a significant decrease in contamination, some areas are still contaminated, he said."

Monique Beaudin reports for the Montreal Gazette November 6, 2013.

Source: Montreal Gazette, 11/07/2013