"Water Utilities Fear EPA Loan Program Growing Too Big, Too Fast"

"A fledgling water infrastructure loan program at the EPA is experiencing an unusual problem in Washington: It may enjoy too much political support.

Lawmakers from both parties enthusiastically back the program, which subsidizes loans for wastewater and drinking water projects. In fact, they support the program so much that the White House may soon call for it to be expanded to cover not only water projects but also Superfund site cleanups, flood control, shipping and navigation efforts, and other purposes.

This is making the water utility industry nervous.

The loan program began in 2014 when Congress passed the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act, also known as WIFIA. Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency just selected the program’s first round of loan recipients last year and haven’t actually granted any loans through the program yet."

David Schultz reports for BNA January 24, 2018.


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Source: BNA, 01/25/2018