"Water, Wildlife Surge Back Into Once-Parched Colorado River Delta"

"LOS ALGODONES, Mexico — Osvel Hinojosa knew that an infusion of water would bring the Colorado River delta back to life. But in just a few days, a U.S.-Mexican experiment to revive the delta environment has exceeded his expectations.

The water is running deeper, faster and wider than anticipated in a channel that was once bone-dry. Hinojosa has spotted hawks, egrets and ospreys flying above the newly flowing water. He's even seen beavers.

"It's just amazing to see that we can recover the river and see it alive again," said Hinojosa, water and wetlands program director at Pronatura Noroeste, a Mexican water conservation group.

On Thursday, Hinojosa joined more than 100 Mexican and American officials for a ceremony at the Morelos Dam, which sits on the international boundary, to mark the fifth day and climax of the experiment."

Cindy Carcamo reports for the Los Angeles Times March 27, 2014.

Source: LA Times, 03/28/2014