"White House Memo Challenges EPA Finding on Warming"

"An Environmental Protection Agency proposal that could lead to regulating the gases blamed for global warming will prove costly for factories, small businesses and other institutions, according to a White House document.

The nine-page memo is a compilation of opinions made by a dozen federal agencies and departments during an internal review before the EPA issued a finding in April that greenhouse gases pose dangers to public health and welfare. ...

The document, labeled 'Deliberative-Attorney Client Privilege,' says that if the EPA proceeds with the regulation of heat-trapping gases, including carbon dioxide, factories, small businesses and institutions would be subject to costly regulation. ...

A White House aide and Office of Management and Budget official said the cost critique came from a single federal agency, and the document did not reflect the administration's view. They declined to identify which agency challenged the EPA proposal.

On his blog Tuesday, OMB Director Peter Orszag reiterated that his office did not object to the EPA finding."

Dina Cappiello reports for the Associated Press May 12, 2009.

The New York Times reported: "A White House official said that many of the criticisms and suggestions came from holdovers from the administration of President George W. Bush and had been rejected by Obama appointees."  John Broder reports in Green Inc. for the New York Times May 12, 2009. and also blogs.

Other media outlets later identified the critical agency as the Small Business Administration. The "secret" document was apparently first made public by Sen. John Barrasso, (R-Wyo.) in a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

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Source: AP, 05/13/2009