"Why China, Not Obama, May Be To Blame For U.S. Coal’s Collapse"

"WASHINGTON -- Think President Barack Obama caused coal’s collapse? China may be to blame instead.

Coal-state elected officials have frequently pointed the finger at the president’s energy and environmental policies for the downward trend. However, according to an analysis by the Rhodium Group, which studies global economic trends, China’s slowing economy has played a role, too.

As China’s economic growth has cooled in recent years, so has its demand for steel. U.S. coalfields, especially in Appalachia, supplied China with the kind of coal used to make steel."

Curtis Tate reports for McClatchy February 24, 2016.


"The US Coal Industry Is Falling Apart. Here's The Surprising Reason Why." (Vox)

Source: McClatchy, 02/25/2016