"Why Killer Viruses Are On The Rise"

"Pygmy elephants. Monkeys with noses the size of beer cans. And a deer so small you could cradle it like a baby.

And right there, sitting on a leaf, is the strangest bug we've ever seen.

'Check out the size of it,' says virus hunter Kevin Olival as he picks up a ginormous roly-poly. 'It's the size of a ping-pong ball!'

We're in the middle of Malaysia's Borneo rain forest. Olival has brought us here because this is the type of place where pandemics are born. HIV came from a rain forest. So did Ebola. Yellow fever. And Zika."

Michaeleen Doucleff and Jane Greenhalgh report for NPR February 14, 2017.

Source: NPR, 02/14/2017