"Windsor Cleans up Act as Detroit Spews Sewage Into River"

"DETROIT -- While Windsor builds a $60-million riverfront basin to stop raw sewage overflows, the City of Detroit is dumping billions of gallons of untreated waste into the Detroit River.

The Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday Detroit’s ancient sewer system allowed 37.2 billion gallons of raw and partially treated waste into our shared waterways the past two years.

The newspaper studied state records and found record levels of bacteria polluting the river and other area water because of outdated and inadequate sewers.

“The City of Detroit’s wastewater treatment plant is the largest source of sewage-related contaminants in the entire Great Lakes,” said Matthew Child, director of watershed restoration for the Essex Regional Conservation Authority."

Dave Battagello reports for the Windsor Star January 20, 2010.

Source: Windsor Star, 01/21/2010