"World Leaders Try To Rescue Climate Deal"

"COPENHAGEN -- President Barack Obama met other world leaders in a last push for a new global climate deal on Friday, after negotiators failed to reach a deal on carbon cuts in all-night talks.

Obama and other leaders tried to muster agreement on central issues from carbon cuts to international scrutiny of climate actions at the U.N.-led talks in Copenhagen.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking as the meeting broke up, said there was still no deal and Chinese resistance to monitoring of emissions was a sticking point."

Emma Graham-Harrison and Jeff Mason report from Copenhagen for Reuters Dec. 18, 2009, with writing by Gerard Wynn and extra reporting by Alister Doyle, Gerard Wynn, Anna Ringstrom, John Acher, Jeff Mason, Richard Cowan and Emma Graham-Harrison.

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Source: Reuters, 12/18/2009