"Worst Of Alaska Storm Over But More Surges Expected"

"The worst was over on Thursday for an 'epic' winter storm that pounded Alaska's west coast with wind and snow and sent a 10-foot surge of seawater into Nome, officials said, leaving residents to assess the damage."

"The storm, considered the strongest to hit western Alaska in several decades, has largely moved northwest toward the Russian Arctic, said Don Moore, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

However, a second, smaller Bering Sea storm is now brewing, and will send additional surges into the coastal towns and villages during high tide later in the day, said Moore, who has been working at the state's emergency operations center.

The surges will not be as dramatic as those from the first storm but could cause more flooding, he said."

Yereth Rosen reports for Reuters November 11, 2011.


Source: Reuters, 11/11/2011